Avonside offers a safe, controlled environment within my own home and garden, allowing dogs to spend time with other suitable dogs.    This is a service perfect for owners with busy schedules, who wish their dog to be in good company throughout the day and not worry about separation anxiety.


Opening times

Day care opening hours:

8.00am – 6.00pm


Day Care Trials

Before enrolling, all dogs have a consultation this can be in there own home or at Avonside, if in the latter I will  try and arrange this when no dogs are in residence, so that your pet can become familiar with the surroundings.


Health, Safety & Hygiene.

Safety is paramount for each dog in my care.  The side gate is locked and padlocked as a extra safety precaution.  The garden and yard is secured with high wire fencing.


All dogs in daycare must be fully vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas.  I am required by my licence and insurance to have a copy of your dogs vaccination card.


Dogs must be micro chipped by law.  I will also provide a ID tag for the duration of your dogs stay with me.


Dogs must be well behaved.  This service is unsuitable for dogs who have not received a high standard of basic training.  Day Care is also inappropriate for dogs who have not been socialised. 

Doggie Day Care