Avonside offers a safe, controlled and nurturing home environment, an alternative to boarding kennels.  I do not employ any host families so dogs always stay with me in my home along with my own dog George and resident cat Mojo.


Trail Stay

A free consultation will be arranged so that your dog can familiarise itself with the environment, and to introduce them to George, it is also a chance to go through the required paperwork.  This also allows me to ensure that every dog feels happy, content and interacts in a friendly way and for yourselves to have a look around and make sure you are happy with my setup.

Dogs Have Free Access to:-

  • Kitchen/utility/dinning area

  • Lounge

  • Dog beds/settee/armchairs

  • Outdoor garden area/lawn area



Owners are asked to provide their dog(s) regular food, enough for the duration of their stay and  bedding, this familiarity will help dogs maintain a healthy appetite and feel at home.


Meals are provided on an individual basis in line with their feeding habits when in their own homes.

Health, Safety & Hygiene.

Safety is paramount for each dog in my care.  The side gate is locked and padlocked as a extra safety precaution.  The garden and yard is secured with high wire fencing.


All dogs staying are required to be fully vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas.  I am required by my licence and insurance to have a copy of your dogs vaccination card.


Dogs must be micro chipped by law

I will also provide a ID tag for the duration of your pets stay with me.

For dogs Boarding pick up and drop of times are 8.00am - 5.00pm I like to keep to within these hours as it gives the dogs time to settle with one another.

Dog Boarding

    13 Leek Rd


    SK17 6UD
    United Kingdom



    Licensed by High Peak Borough Council

       HPKABO020   **** 4 star rating