The Benefits of Cat Home Visits

My cat visits involve taking care of your cat in your home, continuing their normal routines as well as offering companionship and home security.  Home visits are available in a range of packages.  All of my home visits allow adequate time for all duties to be carried out.  A vast majority of cats are more comfortable with be able to remain in their own environment. 


Each home visit lasts 30 minutes, no matter how many visits you book a day.  I am happy to give a health check and administer medication.  Old uneaten food will be removed, bowls cleaned and replaced with fresh food and water.  Treats can be given, if you've provided any.  Litter trays will be scooped on each visit.  I can also do some other basic duties if you require, alternating of lights, drawing or pulling curtains and blinds, taking bins out, picking up post, all these things help your property looked lived in while you are away.


A pre-service consultation is provided where I can meet your cat(s), discuss their routine and for me to get acquainted with where their belongings are kept.  I can collect your house keys and once you have returned home return your keys and provide a final update regarding your cat(s).


Health & Provisions 

Ideally cats should be provided with one litter tray each, plus one extra.  Owners must provide enough food, litter and medication to last the entire durations of my visits, plus extra as a precaution.  If your allow your cat to use a cat flap in your absence then I require you sign a “Cat Outside Access Disclaimer”.  I ask that you health check your cat(s) before you leave and inform me of anything I should monitor.

Cat Sitting